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We Can’t All be John Legend

I remember fondly listening to John Legend when he was an a cappella dreamboat at Penn. You did not have to be an A&R man from Sony to recognize his talents.  On the occasion of his marriage to Chrissy Teigen this month, he wrote her a beautiful song.  Not all men can do that.  Not all women can either.  However, the romantic gesture, the little things that make all the difference have me ruminating as Legend’s ballad, “All of Me,” makes its way through ITunes and onto our new IOS7 upgrades.

His song got me thinking about some incredible gestures through the years that now make their way into this writing.   I will list two that inspire me–there’s no reason they cannot be recycled…

1) At the end of a first date in the City, the man has taken you out nowhere near your neighborhood.  He hails you a cab.  It does not end there.  Your date asks, “Where do you need to go?”  You tell him.  He tells the cab driver.  You arrive at your apartment and take out your wallet to have the driver tell you that it’s been taken care of by “that nice man you were with.”

2) Men have a strange love for their teams.  Since many who live in the City are not from the City, the teams can be hundreds of miles or even oceans away. Buying that man two tickets (one for you, one for him) to see his team is incredibly thoughtful.  It’s an acknowledgement that “while I have no idea why you love this so much, I will do this for you even without complete understanding.”

So while these are but two small gestures of love that will not make their way up the charts, they can nonetheless make all the difference…

Feel free to share with me some of your stories: