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The Tough Part of Dating

April 15th is rapidly approaching. I cannot help but think of the accountants out there.  They will have the unenviable task of reaffirming to their clients that there are one of two certainties in this life.

Dating carries a similar if not more visceral and unpredictable responsibility for those who wish to break bad news.  Telling someone that you are not interested or not telling someone you are not interested or even implying you are not interested through your body language, words, deeds, and actions can be tough.

Delivering the rejection might be more difficult than receiving it.

I do not know if there is a criteria or checklist in our figurative dating manuals.  I think that each person reacts differently to the rejection and the intuitive dater might have to go gentle into that good night or not go there at all.

For the receiver, there is sometimes no real emotional connection so much as a bruised ego.  For those rejections, my hope is that the person takes the hit, stays the course, and moves forward.  So too do I hope that the person who breaks the news does not abandon dating for the fear of letting another person down.

This is one of my more dour musings, but I think there is value in thinking about how you handle rejection and the manner in which you dispense it.

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