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Steve Jobs’ Anniversary and the Burden of Discussing Your Past

Two years ago tomorrow, Steve Jobs finally succumbed to an illness that took his genius away from us way too early.  I am posting this blog on one of his creations and you might be reading these words on a Jobs creation as well.

The purpose of these thoughts are that he left a young widow, Laurene Powell Jobs.  They were married for about twenty years.  Laurene was in her forties when her husband passed and the Daily News reported in August that she was dating former DC mayor, Adrian Fenty.

How do you explain your past relationship to Mr. Fenty?  My husband has been compared to Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and the company he left behind has, at times, had the largest market capitalization of any company in the land, greater than Exxon Mobil, sellers of a nonrenewable resource.

“How are the salads here, Adrian?  I hear the dressing is homemade.”

The truth is that Steve Jobs’ widow has an identifiable burden that the rest of us face, and the other has to deal with hearing.  Past relationships are difficult to listen to because bad experiences tend to be whitewashed over time, and inevitably we cannot help but compare our past relationships to the current one we are entering into.

There is no one or easy answer as to how to navigate hearing about the model he once dated or the man above who revolutionized Silicon Valley.

The best rationale for the other is that he or she is with you now, on this date, at this restaurant.  So, when you’re out tonight, please think of the burden that Mrs. Jobs will forever face for the benefits her husband gave us.

I miss you Steve….we all do…