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Old Fashioned?

Mad Men wrapped last night.  The show itself captured a decade in time that transformed American culture.

Aside from introducing us to Jon Hamm, who is timeless, the show brought back the Old Fashioned.  That bourbon and rye have made a comeback is likely not an accident.

In my work, women still clamor for the “old fashioned” guy who will sweep them off of their feet.  Sideburns, skinny ties, and the Cadillac may go in and out of style, but that desire for the old fashioned man is not gone.

I will miss Mad Men for any number of reasons, from the superficial to the intensely introspective.  This is not a muse about the inequities of the male-dominated industry or the women who stood up in the face of it, it is more a thought about the term Old Fashioned and how many times I have heard it tossed around…and what it really means.

What does it mean to you?

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