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Moving Too Fast? Or Too Slow? What is the “Right” Pace?


We’ve blogged before about how there is no magic dating formula for the “right” time to take the relationship to the next level.  Some couples are committed and contemplating cohabitation after 3 dates.  Some are not ready for a sleepover even after three months have passed.  The important thing to remember is that there are two parties to the relationship so it is important to read social cues – paying attention to what your partner is doing and saying can shed some light on where he or she sees the relationship going.

If you are a guy dating a woman who likes to schedule your dates and meet at the restaurant, it might be too soon to pop over on the way home from the gym.  But if you have moved into the occasional sleepover, it may be okay to leave a few things at the lady’s house.  Of course, ask first!

In any relationship, the key to success is an open line of communication.  Today, many people jump into a relationship without really taking the time to get to know the other person.  We all have quirks and things that drive us crazy so an open line of communication can let you know that your new boyfriend is a neat freak or your new girlfriend is not a fan of surprise guests, which can go a long way to making the relationship work.  Take the time to really get to know the person you are dating to figure out the speed that is right for the two of you.