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My hope for you is that the summer of 2019 was exceptional.

The title of this blog is momentum.  Many of my clients know my thoughts on momentum…if it is lacking or slows, it can be a relationship killer and ironically, the slowdown of momentum will rapidly cause the relationship to fall apart.  Similarly, the lack of momentum in your social life as we exit the summer is concerning to me–my concern is that people will not continue to enjoy active social lives because the days are going to get shorter and its going to get colder…does not apply to warmer climes, but every geographical environment has different dating dynamics.  In the past several years, I have heard some variation of the following:  “well, if it doesn’t work this summer, then…”

Then what?  Yes, the leaves might change colors, it’s going to get darker earlier, and the tan might fade a bit, but I don’t see that someone’s social and dating life has to go into hibernation.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts, how you’ve been and what your plans are to carry the momentum from the summer into the fall and winter.