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Brooke’s Latest from the Huffington Post: “Let’s Get Uncomfortable in 2016”

The next few days are difficult for people, not exclusively singles.  The interfacing with social media is mind numbing.  Distressing for some.  We all are going to say goodbye to 2015.  Many people will look back at this year and tell us, in one form or another, through one web-based platform or another, what they are thankful for as 2016 arrives.

Inevitably, we will hear and likely read from our “friends” (now many of us have thousands of them) as they tell us how grateful they are for the new man/woman in their lives.

It is so easy and comfortable to talk about wanting that same experience for yourself in 2016.  I suggest that 2016 be the year of discomfort.  Dating is a process.  So if your goal last year was to watch the ball drop with someone special, do not fret if it did not happen in 2015.  Or fret.  But at least allow the melancholy to challenge how you will do things differently in the coming year.  How are you going to uncomfortably change your patterns?

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