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Let Your Past Guide Your Resolutions

Last night, you drank your last shot of Jägermeister because you decided that you’re too old to still be doing that.  You will stop using profanity, start hitting the gym at least three times per week, and you will forget about her.  She’s gone now.  He’s gone now too, into the abyss of relationships that did not work out.

We are all renewed come January and clients remind me that they are going to do things differently this time around.

I recently spoke to a man who told me about the advantages of his past.  Without it, he would not know the wrong relationship, the right exercise routine, and the importance of practical, sustainable resolutions.

This year, he will only date women that the late and notorious Christopher Hitchens described as “a laugh in the face of bores.”  Whatever your resolution, I think there is value in not necessarily trying to erase your past but to learn from it.

That said, I hope your resolutions are alive in February.  Maybe there’s no age to stop taking Jäger shots?

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