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Brooke’s Latest from the Huffington Post: “Dry Wit & Sarcasm…Be Careful What you Wish for!”

I hear from clients and those who date my clients that they desire someone to match their dry witty personality. This is a euphemism for I can dish it out.  The dry wit can be construed positively, for sure.  The man or woman with the dry wit has unbelievable observational powers.  You can sit on a park bench with them, people watch, and they can dissect a passerby with pinpoint accuracy.  They narrate the inner monologue of the rollerblader (no judgments), guy carrying the frisbee (again no judgments), and the thirty-three year old wearing his fraternity sweatshirt (now I’m judging a little).

Oh, but then she sets her dry, wit on you.  Can you handle it?  For some, it’s banter, slight ribbing and they can take it like a sport.  For others, it’s downright offensive.  It crosses from dry wit to teasing.   The late British author Anthony Powell described dry wit as follows: ‘there is no greater sign of innate misery than a love of teasing.’

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