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Dating the Day Time: Why We Say It’s a Don’t

We really enjoyed this article by Danica Lo about dating during the day time.  While we do love Ms. Lo’s fashion advice on, we respectfully disagree about day time dating.  At Wise Matchmaking, we recommend that our clients date after dark.

Here’s the why: Most of our clients are busy working professionals who look forward to the end of the work day to unwind.  For them, grabbing a drink or dinner at the end of a long work day is their first chance to relax, unwind and feel good.  Conversely, the day time – even during the weekends – is often jam packed with errands, family obligations and even more work.

Also, the day time date can sometimes send a mixed message – Is this a date?  Are we hanging out as friends?  At night, there is generally no confusion about whether or not it is a date so it tends to put the daters in the right frame of mind.

While we agree with Ms. Lo that the day time does take away some of the pressure to hook up, we find that many people are their best selves in the evening when they can leave the stresses of the day behind them.

That said, if you do opt for a day time date, we love the black and white ASOS dress that Ms. Lo recommends!