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Many of us have experienced this dreadful moment.  The woman behind the counter has an eight pack.  “Hi, I’m Cindy, and I’m here to make you feel terrible about your BMI, your weight, your eating habits, and the fact that you can last about one minute on the treadmill without gasping for that last breath of air. But I am just so pleased you have chosen our gym, with our waiving the initiation fee and throwing in two training sessions with me.”

Dating can be the same way.  Dating is ultimately good for you.  Hope springs eternal and you might eventually find her.  And she you.  The dread and the fear of ‘signing up’ is normal and you are in a line five miles long of those who really would rather stay home this Saturday night.  Saturday night at home promises no evaluations from that man who flirts with the waitress or the woman who is meeting her friends later.  However, Cindy did not get that eight pack accidentally.  Like you, she once stood on line and was read the evaluation riot act.  But perhaps the struggle that yielded the result was worth the effort.

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