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Are you a Minimalist or a Novelist Texter?

Perhaps this question is better posed to the Millenials.  After all, Gen X and Gen Y went to middle school without lap tops, tablets treated indigestion, and you were forced to watch commercials.  Nowadays, the common complaint among my clients is not so much the text message itself, but its composition.  I personally do not have a good or right answer to this question.

I commonly tell people to approach texting as a minimalist.  Less is more.  But then I hear that the minimalist is cold, lacking warmth because his texting is too brief.  Words like “okay” or “great” seem distant; however, the other side of distant appears to be the novelist.  The novelist composes his text as if he is using all his space/time allotted like a Senate filibuster.  The life story.  The date then has no substance because the novelist has left it all out there.

Is the happy medium the answer?  More importantly, where is the happy medium?Avoiding the text altogether makes you seem archaic, but the minimalist and the novelist do not seem to have the answer either.

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