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Let Brooke Wise help you find love

Love Smart. Be Wise. The Best Choice is Brooke Wise!

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Meet the Matchmaker

Wise Matchmaking was born of Brooke Wise’s vision that everyone should make room for love in their lives. Brooke noticed a growing trend that online dating had become oversaturated, and that meaningful introductions were sparse. Further, the opportunities to find the right person were passing dear friends, colleagues, and family by.

Brooke left her Wharton, NYU Stern, and Wall Street life behind and followed her heart by connecting people in a meaningful way.

How many times have you been asked, “How are you still single?"

I am sure you have lost count, and the people who have posed the question have not set you up or offered to set you up with their ‘amazing single friends’ yet. I wouldn’t wait for them either.

You are smart, successful, attractive and have it all, but yes, you are looking for love. Do you feel like there are no eligible single men and women left? Manhattan is a vast city, but you feel as though you or your friends have dated every single man or woman in the concrete jungle.

The harsh realities of online dating

Your eyes sting from staring at your computer screen, and you are constantly distracted by the many different open windows of profiles and messages from the myriad of dating sites that you have endless subscriptions to. Not to mention, your thumb hurts from texting, whatsapping, dm’ing on dating apps, Facebook and Instagram. It’s downright exhausting and not yielding results. There has got to be a better way.

Time is a finite resource, and we are not getting any younger.

It’s a competitive dating world, and no one has the time nor the energy to keep going on countless, unfulfilling dates. Brooke gets this; she understands the modern dating landscape and its’ intricacies, nuances, inequities, and mixed messages. She uses her intuition, experience, and soft, caring touch to help her clients. Matchmaking is her passion, and she prides herself in her ability to truly listen to her clients and help them with this aspect of their lives. She wants clients to be at ease at the office, in the operating room, boardroom, courtroom, and/or running their businesses and know that she has their dating life under control.

Brooke Wise is a dating expert, professional dating coach, and she will introduce you to like-minded singles who fit your preferences.

Wise Matchmaking has become a staple for those searching for love, marriage, commitment, companionship, a forever +1 in New York City and South Florida. Brooke is a contributor to Elite Daily, Reader’s Digest, Bustle and Huffington Post, and she is married with two children and a golden doodle.

Are you ready to feel the butterflies and the sublime feeling of falling in love? Are you ready to become another WMM success story?

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